Workshop: Vastu for Realtors

A lot of realtor friends have discussed how their transactions have suffered in the last stage due to properties not being Vastu approved. Happened to you? The best way out, we thought was to be aware of Vastu principles so we could market properties accordingly. Hence our next workshop ‘Vastu for Realtors’. Renowned expert Dr.Raviraj will guide us on the basics of Vastu. This will also help us service our discerning client requirements accordingly. Urge all realtors (developers, architects, lawyers welcome) to attend and make the most of it! You can book your tickets below. Non members welcome.

Vastu Workshop

  • Topic: Vastu for Realtors
  • Date: Tuesday 27th May 2014
  • Time: 3.45pm-6.45pm
  • Venue: Hall No.4, 2nd Floor, Garware Club House, D Road Churchgate. Mumbai 400020.

About: Realtors, do your clients ask you for Vastu approved properties? Can you identify Vastu approved properties? Ever discovered in the later stages of a transaction that the property is not Vastu compliant & lost the deal? Learn the basics of Vastu Shastra from Dr.Raviraj Ahirrao (Ph.D) of Vastu Raviraj fame at this workshop. Identify such properties initially to market them accordingly & save time. This will also give you the critical edge to service your clients (requirements) better and close more deals. This workshop will help you learn how to use Vastu to grow personally & professionally.

Vastu for Realtors

Who is this for: For real estate consultants however the basic knowledge of Vastu in real estate will help developers, architects, interior designers and even end users.

Who is this not for: Realtors who believe acquiring knowledge on Vastu will not help them in anyway.

3 reasons why a realtor should attend:

  • To understand & clear their (mis)conceptions of Vastu Shastra
  • Tips to effectively market properties, search for relevant properties for discerning clients and close more deals.
  • For personal & Professional growth

Flow of content:

  • 3.45pm -4.15pm: Registration & Tea Coffee
  • 4.16pm-4.30pm: Introduction by Mumbai Realty Club
  • 4.31pm -5.45pm: Presentation by Dr.Raviraj
    • a.What is Vastu Shastra?
    • b. Importance of 5 elements & directions in human life
    • c. Importance of Vastu Shastra in real estate industry & crisis management
    • d. Vastu Shastra for personal & professional growth
    • e.Case studies
    • f.Q&A round
  • 5.45pm-6.00pm: Feedback
  • 6.00pm-6.30pm: Light refreshments

Mentor: Dr.Raviraj Ahirrao of Vastu Raviraj

Dr.Raviraj is a world renowned Vastu Shastra expert of an international repute who has received many prestigious awards in the field of Vastu Shastra & completed his doctorate in the subject from Colombo University. Established in 1998 Vastu Raviraj has over 29,000 clients and 6,000 students across the globe making them the largest house in India providing consultancy & education. With offices in Pune, Australia & Singapore, they have served a variety of international clients. Closer home, they have actively consulted reputed developers like Godrej Properties (Planet Godrej, Coliseum, Edenwoods & more) HDIL, K Raheja Universal, Mayfair Housing, Cipla, SBI and many others. For the complete list, see the company profile. He has also been extensively covered in leading newspapers and has authored various books on the subject.


For Original Price/Spot Entry Before 20thMay* Between 21st May – 24thMay*
Real Estate Consultants Rs.900 Rs.700 Rs.800
Developers & Builders Rs.2,000 Rs.1,800 Rs.2,000
Others: (Architects, Interior designers, Service Providers for realtors like software companies, Home Loan Companies, Lawyers, end users & others) Rs.1,500 Rs.1,250 Rs.1,500

*Applicable only if the payment is made before the specified date. Registering and paying on the spot will invite spot entry charges.


  1. All clients have their own Vastu expert who they believe in, so would it still help understanding Vastu principles?
    1. The principles of Vastu don’t change, the remedies might. Once you have a basic understanding of Vastu, you will be able to at least talk to your client in the same language and understand his point of view. If you don’t even know the basics, how will you understand his point of view and service him/her effectively?
  2. If this is realtor focused why should Architects/Developers attend?
    1. Again, the principles of Vastu don’t change and the content is equally useful for developers and architects, in fact we believe that the quality of discussion will be much better we have participants from complimentary domains.


  • Notepad, pencils & light refreshments will be provided.
  • Tickets need to be presented for registration
  • Early bird discount is applicable only if the payment in made online or otherwise before the specified date. Registering and paying at the venue will invite spot entry charges.
  • There will be no refunds made for no show – we make commitments in food & beverages accordingly hence we cannot make any refunds.
  • If the event gets cancelled due to unseen circumstances, the tickets will be valid for the next workshop date as announced.
  • Parking space is not available inside the club premises for participants, please use pay and park on A-B-C-D roads.

You can register online by selecting the number of tickets below. It will then take you to our registration partner’s website – Explara. You can chose to pay online or offline. If you have any trouble registering, you can call 9820855056.


Our workshop Be a Professional & Respected Real Estate Consultant comes to South Mumbai

Note: To book your tickets, select the number of tickets below and click on Checkout. You will be taken to the Explara (our registration partner) website. Fill in your details and click proceed. Once you select the mode of payment (Debit Card, CC Card, Net Banking, Cheque or pay at the venue) you will get your ticket in your email id. For discount codes, see the bottom of the post.

30 Jan 2014 |  4pm-7pm | Garware Club House, D Road C’gate. Mum 20.


Mumbai Realty Club presents: Be a Professional & Respected Real Estate Consultant. As the financial capital of the country, the demand for residential and commercial real estate is booming in Mumbai. The new age client, multinationals and a younger workforce expects to deal with a professional consultant. But are you well equipped to service these clients? Work is getting more stressful? The unorganised nature of the business means issues with commission, highly stressful transactions and lack of respect for you among other problems. Raj Shah will share his experience and practical tools to help you get systematic. These tools and tips will not only help you rise to the level of service clients’ demand but also be respected by them and associates alike.

Who is this for? This is for practicing realtors serious about taking their business to the next level.

Who is this not for? Part-time realtors.

3 reasons why a realtor should attend?

  1. Ensure brokerage confirmation before you service a client. (at least 90% of the time)
  2. Be a professional and trust worthy realtor for your clients.
  3. Improve office processes to ensure smoother execution of transactions.   


External – Client servicing factors (Session I)

  1. Pre marketing: Confirmation of your commission and getting property/buyer details upfront. Using photos.
  2. Marketing: Getting inspection confirmations and sending weekly e-mail reports.
  3. Closure: Using offer formats.  

Internal – Office factors (Session II)

  1. Inspection entries and weekly meetings.
  2. Database essentials: How to maintain a database to ensure you spend less time managing data and more time servicing clients.

Mentor: Raj Shah is the founder Mumbai Realty Club and partner at Square Feet Realty Consultants.

“Learning new ideas. Yes it’s a fantastic workshop” – Parinay Khandelwal – Property Pedia.

Why is he qualified to mentor? He has been in the real estate industry for 5 years as a consultant and thoroughly understands the dynamics and challenges of a real estate consultancy firm. He has also used technology and processes to simplify business and wants to share them with you. His first 4 workshops were very successful.

Notepad, pencils and light refreshments will be provided.

Fees: Rs.800 per ticket.


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    2. The next 30 get a 10% discount on the fee. USE CODE: next30
    3. Bulk Discount: Book more than 5 seats at a time to get a 20% discount on the fees. USE CODE: 5ormore
    4. (If you do not use the code, the discount will not be applicable) If you have trouble signing up, call 9820855056.